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National architecture Čičmany


Čičmany, Raden’s house

district, Žilina

GPS: 48°57´24“ S 18°31´1,3“ V 647 m a.s.l. Park – Čičmany 130km


Čičmany, Raden’s house

Conservation area since 1977

The original house from the 18th century has been destroyed by fire.

The replica was built in 1924

It was reconstructed in 1966 and 2011

Currently, it is used for the purposes of Museum of Považie (Považské múzeum)

It is a folk log-type balcony house with the room-antechamber-chamber layout.

The underroof chambers distinctive of Čičmany are recognized to be a full floor.

The entire area of the outside part of the log house is decorated with ornamental lime decorations.

The roof is covered by hand-split wooden shingles.

12.356 shingles

12 kg

428 hours

Author: Kamil Fischer

created 2018

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