Our story

The first idea about creating miniatures cam in 1993. We managed to complete the first miniatures that helped us improve with utilisation of suitable materials. This experience was of a great aid in creation of the model of Urban's Tower in Košice in 2005.

The Park is open since 04.07.2016.

Each project is preceded by a detailed photographic documentation and procurement of the relevant construction plans. Our great efforts are aimed at matching the building materials and particular details of the copied structure. The miniature representing the town hall in Levoča, for example, is made with the same plaster as her big sister. And there are lots of similar details on our miniatures. That can be also evidenced by the fact that we have spent between 200 to 3,560 per model.

Slovakia has a rich cultural heritage. The country can proudly introduce more than 30,000 historical sights. Our theme park called Mini Slovensko aims to enhance the interest of public in this heritage and to boost the development of tourism. The civic association Mini Slovensko would like to thank you cordially for any positive reference and assistance with our efforts.

Yours sincerely

Chairman of the Civic Association Kamil Fischer.